Write, Publish & Sell Your Crafty Ebook

Write, Publish & Sell Your Crafty Ebook
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Have you always dreamed of writing your own craft book?

Are you looking to add a new income stream to your crafty business?

Ebook publishing may be a great option for you. But it should be said: writing and publishing an ebook is no small project! In this ebook, you'll walk through every stage of crafty self-publishing, from planning to layout, and from electronic delivery to marketing. You'll find worksheets throughout that will help you put all this information to work on your own publishing projects.

Best of all, everything is explained in plain English. You'll find plenty of publishing options whether you're tech-savvy or... not so much.

In Write, Publish & Sell Your Crafty Ebook, we'll focus on PDF publishing, which (at the moment) is the best option for crafty how-to ebooks. PDF offers the most control of how your ebook layout displays on computer screens, e-readers and smart phones. We'll also touch on how to publish through Amazon's Kindle Store and Apple's iBookstore, and you'll get some good pointers for further research into these platforms.


"Chapter Two is probably my favorite section of the book. This is the “how to make it” part and is a really thorough list of not only all the parts of your book you should think about, but some basics of design as well. The beautiful part of this section is that a lot of the design suggestions and concepts could really be applied to all kinds of things you might self publish – single patterns, artist statements, exhibition postcards, class handouts. Making a really appealing and professional looking publication is a great skill to learn."
- Becka Rahn, Becka's Project Journal


Write, Publish & Sell Your Crafty Ebook is 84 pages, delivered in a PDF that's been formatted to read comfortably on your computer screen or print out. You can print just a few sections or the entire thing.


"What makes this ebook great is the fact that Diane holds up her own ebook writing and publishing experiences as an example. She shares her own stories, statistics and real-life adventures to illustrate where she's gone wrong and what she's done right. She does that in order to pave a smooth road for her readers, one that avoids some of the bumps she's encountered. It's real, and it's darn useful too."
- Michele Pacey, Michele Made Me

Table of Contents:
    Chapter 1: Things to Think About Before You Make an Ebook

  • Evaluating your ebook idea: does it have a market?
  • Building an ebook that appeals to your existing online community
  • Designing a PDF ebook for maximum usability
  • Understanding the bottom-line math of ebook publishing
    • Chapter 2: How to Make a PDF Ebook

  • What skills and technical tools will you need for publishing?
  • Basics of ebook structure and layout
  • How to organize an ebook publishing project
    • Chapter 3: The Dreaded Technical Parts

  • How your buyers get your ebook delivered to them
  • Basics of ebook file security
  • Pricing your ebook
  • Selling your ebook through Lulu, Amazon Kindle, and Apple's iBookstore
    • Chapter 4: Marketing Your Ebook

  • Designing a sales page for your ebook that draws in buyers
  • Building your ebook's press kit
  • Evaluating your current marketing platform
  • Setting up ebook reviews and blog tours


    "Diane does a fabulous job of explaining what an Ebook is, in all of its potential forms. You don't need to know all of this before you read her book. However, you do need to know how to write instructional text, and have a basic knowledge of photography and how to create digital documents. Diane explains the best tools to use to create your Ebook, from software to online hosting resources.."
    - Erin Fickert Rowland, Elysian Studios Art


    "The section on marketing and selling your eBook alone is worth purchasing this book for: it provides an excellent process you can repeat over and over again to promote you eBook sales, and any other crafty products you may sell."
    - Jennifer Forest, author of Behind Jane Austen's Door


    Hey, Diane – how does this ebook differ from those online ebook publishing classes you offer?
    Good question! The basic information is the same in both formats. But in my classes, you get to meet and interact with a group of fellow self-publishers. Not only can you get valuable feedback on your ebook idea, you'll end up with a network of people who can help you promote your ebook when it's ready. You'll get more out of my class if you like to participate. If you just want the publishing information, then this ebook is your best bet. Shall I let you know when the next online class session is?


    About the Author
    Diane Gilleland is a craft blogger and podcaster in Portland, Oregon. She produces CraftyPod.com, a blog that became a full-time career in crafty writing and teaching. Her ebooks and online classes have helped crafters around the world make their own media – whether it's used to market their own businesses or tell their own stories.

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