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CraftyPod 2.0 Subscription
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• You'll get two new (advertising-free) shows each month, chock full of inspiration and food for thought. Your new shows will usually arrive every other week on a Friday.

• You'll get the show notes for each podcast delivered to you as a handy PDF. Show notes contain links to my podcast guests' homes on the web, plus all kinds of great resources I've found.

• You'll also have access to the giant CraftyPod back catalog for the duration of your subscription. That's over 100 older shows, covering a ton of crafty and crafty-business topics. And you can also stream or downloaded them.

When you subscribe, you'll automatically receive the most recent new podcast, so you'll have something to listen to right away. You'll also get set up with your own Library page here on this site, where all your future shows and show note PDFs will be delivered. When future new shows are ready, you'll get a friendly email letting you know.

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