Crafty Tree Trimmings

Crafty Tree Trimmings
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Once upon a time, a group of craft bloggers got to talking about making holiday ornaments. They each had different skills and different design styles, and they decided to join forces to make a really cool ebook. This ebook, in fact.

By this point in the story, you're probably wondering two things: Who are these crafters? and What are their ornaments like?


Well, these are the ornaments. Each one of them comes with a full pattern and complete step-by-step instructions. And they're all made with materials you very likely have in your craft stash right now. So within minutes of downloading this ebook, you'll be making ornaments!

...And these are the crafters – a super-talented and nice bunch:

Susan Beal - West Coast Crafty
Diane Gilleland - CraftyPod
Linda Permann - Lindamade
Kayte Terry - Love Forever
Betz White - Betz White
Patricia Zapata - A Little Hut

Crafty Tree Trimmings offers up six gorgeous holiday ornament projects. Some are great for beginners, some require a little more skill, and together they cover a fun range of different craft techniques. All of the projects are appropriate for kids age 12 and up., so perhaps you want to set up some holiday crafty afternoons with your favorite older kids?

Whether your tree needs some trimmings, you're participating in an ornament swap, or you just love holiday crafts you'll have a great time with Crafty Tree Trimmings. Click the button to get your copy!