Weaving Un-Loomed: Simple Ways to Weave Cool Things

Weaving Un-Loomed
Price: $10.50
If you've always wanted to learn to weave, but don't want to invest in a lot of equipment, this ebook is for you!

Weaving Un-Loomed takes a refreshing approach to weaving - you don't need a loom, or any special skills! The ebook includes five projects you can start on right away:

Each project in this 59-page book comes with:

• Full color step-by-step photo instructions
• Printer-friendly instruction sheet
• Care instructions for the finished piece
• Lots of hints and tips for getting the best results

Every one of these projects is perfect for an advanced-beginner crafter. If you can thread a needle, fold some paper, and sew straight seams on a sewing machine, you can make everything in this ebook.


"I'm not exaggerating when I say every project is appealing and useful. Something tells me Diane is getting dangerously close to pulling me away from my one track paper mind! Beautifully presented with clear instructions and perfect pictures, there's also the neatest e-book feature I've seen yet... order the entire book or individual projects. And when printing out directions, I like the ink-saving pictureless option."

- Ann Martin, All Things Paper

In addition, you get the Secrets of Weaving chapter, which breaks weaving down to its essentials. Use these ideas to weave on anything, with anything. You'll also learn some simple ways to build woven patterns with color, and create interesting textures in your weaving. With these tools, you'll find yourself dreaming up all kinds of new weaving projects!


The "Secrets of Weaving" is full of all sorts of great information about warp, weft, and creating designs with color or weaving techniques. Diane gives you enough weaving knowledge not only to do the projects, but also to strike out on your own and get creative with weaving"

- Alice Merlino, Futuregirl

Want a Free Preview Project?
Here's a fun, easy project to play with: Woven Wall Art. Click the picture to download your free copy and get see how fun it is to weave without a loom!

By the time you've made some wall art, you'll be excited to move on to woven embroidered applique... weaving ribbon into burlap... weaving on cardboard....


"I snapped up a copy of Weaving Un-Loomed, and it is gorgeously photographed, clearly written and absolutely enticing from start to finish. I can't wait to make my own version of her projects... my first one will definitely be the Burlap & Ribbon Tote, an instant favorite."

- Susan Beal, for CraftStylish

About the Author
Diane Gilleland is a craft blogger and podcaster in Portland, Oregon. In addition to producing CraftyPod.com, she writes for magazines and websites including CRAFT, MAKE, Craft Stylish, and Sew Beautiful. Her ebooks have helped crafters around the world make better use of the internet for marketing their small businesses.

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